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Louisiana Literature 2013 – Canale Mussolini in Danimarca

Antonio Pennacchi al Louisiana Literature 2013

Fotografo: Klaus Holsting

Il Louisiana Literature è un festival letterario che si svolge ogni anno nel Louisiana Museum di Humlebaek, vicino a Copenaghen. Alla rassegna 2013 hanno partecipato 40 autori, tra i quali Ian McEwan, Colum McCann, Erlend Loe e Zadie Smith, con lezioni e letture.

Questa foto  di Antonio Pennacchi sul Mare del Nord è stata scattata da Klaus Holsting.

Questa intervista su Canale Mussolini è stata realizzata daTv2 ed è andata in onda il 28 agosto 2013:

Canale Mussolini alla televisione di stato danese


09 2013

The Mussolini Canal su Historical Novel Society

The Mussolini Canal

[Recensione della versione inglese di Canale Mussolini (traduzione di Judith Landry) firmata da Alan Fisk sul numero 64 della Historical Novel Review]

Many dictators from Nero to Napoleon had set out to drain the Italy’s malarial Pontine Marshes, but it was Mussolini who finally succeeded. The Peruzzi family, sharecroppers from northern Italy who had lost their livelihood, become part of the 30,000 migrants who settled in the marshes to build the Mussolini Canal, which carried away excess river water that would resurrect the marsh if given a chance.

There is no hero in this novel, but instead a whole crowd of heroes and heroines in the vast, tough Peruzzi family, who take whatever the 20th century can throw at them and throw as much as they can back at it. Their lives are moved by Socialism and then Fascism, including their very personal relationship with Mussolini himself.

No hero, and no plot, but instead an absorbing and lively story of the Peruzzi family and their lives of poverty and struggle, love and hate. This is a long novel, but I was sorry to see it end, and I can’t remember when I last said that about a book.


05 2013