Louisiana Literature 2013 – Canale Mussolini in Danimarca

Antonio Pennacchi al Louisiana Literature 2013

Fotografo: Klaus Holsting

Il Louisiana Literature è un festival letterario che si svolge ogni anno nel Louisiana Museum di Humlebaek, vicino a Copenaghen. Alla rassegna 2013 hanno partecipato 40 autori, tra i quali Ian McEwan, Colum McCann, Erlend Loe e Zadie Smith, con lezioni e letture.

Questa foto  di Antonio Pennacchi sul Mare del Nord è stata scattata da Klaus Holsting.

Questa intervista su Canale Mussolini è stata realizzata daTv2 ed è andata in onda il 28 agosto 2013:

Canale Mussolini alla televisione di stato danese


09 2013

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  1. Dietrich ECKARDT #

    Thanks for a great book – Canale Mussolini! Assume that historic facts are correctly represented, I understand that the re-flooding of was in parts due to Italian initiative? To the contrary I read somewhere that biologists from RSHA (ReichsSicherheitsHauptAmt) Berlin intentionally spread in a kind of bio-warfare also anopheles/malaria desease again to stop the Allies in 1944, but actually hit the Italian population in 1946/7 – with several 10’000 deaths !? If true, I would have missed this in the book in all fairness. Could you comment, if possible. (Sorry for switching the language, but …-;)
    Ciao, Dietrich

  2. admin #

    Thanks a lot Dietrich, Antonio Pennacchi are now collecting all the questions and doubts about Canale Mussolini and he will give an answer once for all. This thing of the bacteriological war of the German seems more to be a huge hoax… but we’ll see.