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Ospite di RaiLetteratura

La videochat di martedì 3 dicembre 2013 condotta da Isabella Donfrancesco negli studi di Rai Educational.


12 2013

Atheist Spirituality su Canale Mussolini

The Mussolini Canal [Sul sito Atheist Spirituality una riflessione sulla traduzione inglese di Canale Mussolini firmata Geoff Crocker]

This is a long but charming tale of the Peruzzi family who are evicted from their sharecropping life in northern Italy, and join an exodus south to tame and farm the Pontine Marshes. Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of Wrath’ is mentioned in the text, and has echoes in this exodus, as it does in the moving finale for Armida. But the charming family story too readily becomes a device to excuse fascism. Socialism is for intellectuals and the truly destitute, who burn the haystacks of farmers who refuse to take on an extra quota of labour. The hardworking poor who have some chance of survival and improvement cling to a stable social structure, and oppose the very poor who have no chance but to overthrow the feudal order. So feudalism morphs into fascism. Similarly, protection of endangered species and of the environment are luxuries the farmer striving to survive cannot afford. Bring on the DDT!

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07 2013